Environmentally Friendly Pool Equipment in Austin

Our professionals of custom pool builders in Austin believe on leaving the smallest possible fingerprint on our environment, so we put together the Eco-Smart series of Green Pool Equipment. This equipment offers maximum efficiency for your swimming pool and spa.

Eco-Smart Ozone

Our Ozone system is a commercial grade Ozonator that will cut down your chemical use and the countless hours it takes to maintain a chlorinated pool. Ozone will give you a clean, refreshing water leaving you free of harsh chemicals and the uncomfortable feeling of an over treated pool


Eco-Smart Control Center

Our Digital control center can control every aspect of your pool. From the lights to the waterfalls our control center will leave you doing very little to maintain your pool. Adding a variable speed pump to this system can save energy and cost. Be sure and ask your designer about how our system can save you big money.


Eco-Smart Filtration

Our new Micro ban Pool Filters give you the assurance that you have no Viruses in your water. This anti microbial coating gives your filters a longer life and better efficiency.


Eco-Smart Flow Jets

Our Flow Jets get into dead spots and clean your pool with the utmost efficiency. These jets will circulate your pool better and leave you with less brushing and maintenance to perform on your pool.


Eco-Smart Plaster

Our unique plaster uses laser cut Quartz crystals to strengthen and beautify the plaster. 3M rates the plaster to last 15 years and is also impervious to algae growth. This is the last plaster job you may ever need. Ask your designer about warranties and all the plaster options we carry.


Eco-Smart Pumps

Variable speed pumps will save you on your electrical bill. Not only will it save you energy, it will actually extend the life of your entire system. Some electrical providers even give a rebate for the purchase of a variable speed motor. Be sure and ask your designer if you qualify.


Eco-Smart Heaters

Our heaters use gas, propane, or electricity. Every heater we sell has a fireman safety switch to help remind you when it needs to cool down. From heat pumps to solar we carry it all.


Optional Solar Heating

Ask your designer about Solar heating options for your heating needs. We carry multiple options for your solar heating needs.



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